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EFS-34 Instructions

Frame Sliders


Congratulations! You have just purchased the world’s finest frame sliders. These sliders have been designed to offer unsurpassed protection to your motorcycle in the unfortunate event of a crash or tip over. 


Important: These Frame Sliders are designed to fit specific engine mounts of your motorcycle.  This kit has separate left and right pieces (left and right while sitting on the bike). The left side mounts to the engine mount with the special adapter bracket.  The right side mounts directly to the engine mount The longer slider (3.20”) is to be used with the 90mm bolt and the thick washer on the right side.  It is highly recommended that you refer to your service manual before performing this installation. It is also recommended that a non-permanent thread lock compound be used.




1.   Remove the left-side engine mount bolt.

2.     Install the special adapter bracket with the new 10 x 70mm bolt, rotating it so it will allow the slider to just clear the fairing opening. This may be more easily accomplished by loosening the left fairing and holding it away from the bracket, or removing it completely.

3.     Tighten the engine mount bolt to the factory specifications - DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

4.     Install the slider on the bracket, tighten fully.  DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

5.     Loosen the pinch bolt on the right side.

6.     Remove the right side engine mount bolt.

7.     Install the longer piece of plastic using the new 10 x 90mm bolt and the thick washer, supplied in this kit. Align the slider so the cut out clears the fairing.

8.     Tighten the engine mount bolt to the factory specifications - DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

9.     Tighten the pinch bolt to the specified torque.


Included in this kit:

(3) Socket  Head bolts

        · 1 - 10 x 70mm (left)

        · 1 - 10 x 90mm (right)

        · 1 - 10 x 45mm (left)

(1) Special Adapter

(1) Thick washer

(2) Aluminum bushings (pressed into plastic)

(2) Plastic Frame Sliders

        · Left (shorter piece)                           ·Right (longer piece)


Part No. FS-34

Phone: (760-598-2105