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Spring Kit, KTM 50cc Stock Clutch Stage 2


The New Intuitive Race Products High Performance
Spring Kit for
KTM Stock Disc Clutch 2013-2015

 The new 2013-14 KTM 50cc automatic disc clutch is very different from the older model shoe clutches
and allows for easy adjustment of the clutch.
At Intuitive Race Products, we have been manufacturing automatic centrifugal disc
racing clutches for more than 40 years.
Using our vast experience we set out to improve the KTM stock 50cc disc clutch.
 IRP has developed new specially designed clutch springs for the 2013-14 stock clutch that
provide higher pressure and are made to close tolerances out of superior materials.
With our innovative design, all six springs are adjustable and active.
This enables a more uniform resistance against the balls and pressure plate for
improved performance and a cooler running clutch.
When using the new IRP springs on the 2013-14 KTM 50cc Disc clutch,
you will be able to run less pressure on the preload adjuster.
This does a few things to improve the operation of your clutch
and will leave more room for adjustment as conditions require. 
The 2013-14 disc clutch has three adjusters and 6 springs,
what this means is there are only three springs that are having preload
applied to them when adjusting the clutch.
The stock springs require adjustment at the higher end of the range
and has a possibility of running out of adjustment prematurely.
By applying so much preload to the active springs the inactive springs play
less of a roll and no longer help the active springs to do their job.
What happens when this condition occurs is the clutch is only operating
on half of the spring’s resistance dampening.
The concept behind the IRP springs is to allow all six springs to be in operation
and adjustable allowing the clutch to operate as it was designed to do.
The clutch will have a linear feel and more even pressure as it engages.
You will find that you will be able to run your IRP springs at about half
of the preload required of the stock springs.
You will also be leaving more adjustments as track conditions change.
The additional spacers will allow extra adjustment of your springs
and a substantial increase in the life of your friction discs.
More aggressive riders want the clutch to hit hard when the motor is
coming on the pipe and starting to pull its hardest.
The new IRP springs will give you that hard hit and more adjustment than the stock springs.